Just A Couple More Boxes In The Car

Went up to Bedford at the weekend, to visit my brother, and go through the final piles of boxes from my Dad’s house. It was mostly a case of throwing stuff out, but I did come away with the following…

  • a bag of Hornby train carriages and track (to be donated to the Robin Deacon Fund for Performance Art)
  • a box of choir scores, mainly from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, which will be given to My Beloved Director, who is a professional singer and music teacher. Failing that, the bookshop at Merton Abbey Mills may be interested.
  • several photos of me at various stages of early life – you can see the change from blonde blue-eyed cherub to – well there’s no change really. I may post some up here.
  • a couple of Parkwood Middle School yearbook-type-things. These aren’t yearbooks in the American sense, full of photos of pupils, and “Person most likely to be playing a Brechtian Hitler-analogue in 25 years time” written under one of them. No, these are collections of short stories and poems, written and illustrated by the pupils. There may be some early Petty gems, as if there was ever such a thing.
  • some coffee cups and saucers, because my kitchen cupboard isn’t quite full yet.

My sister was there too, with my niece, who is suddenly wearing black nail varnish and eyeliner. Yikes. I’ll lend her my collection of Sisters of Mercy records, and that NIN remix ep. And some Rammstein. That’ll show her.