My Dads House is For Sale

As you can imagine, since my Dad died in July, various things have been happening. I’ve not really been able to go into too much detail here, but it’s been a case of sorting through all his papers, and the stuff in his house, which was my family home for 30 years.

Now that house is up for sale. My brother sent my sister and I the PDF of the estate agents particulars, for us to check and approve. And I have to say it was pretty upsetting, seeing the familiar place laid out like that.

I guess it’s these bits which really bring the whole situation home (as it were). Before we can sell it, we need to clear it out. And it’s full of stuff, memories, the accumulated junk of a family. Photos! Slides! The garage is full of tools and bits of wood, the loft is full of school books and old curtains. It’s going to take some work and weekends to sort it all out. Wish me luck.