I Was Grumpy On The Train

Hello fans. Because I was in a bad mood the other day (“No!”, you cry), the utterly banal (pron. ‘bane-ul’) conversation of the two women sitting next to me on the train got right up my nose. They were doing the standard gossip / natter / yammer thing that people do, but it seemed more ridiculous than usual. The key points are reproduced here, with my notes, for your lack of edification.

  • “Oo, why are the trains always late? He he he, *sniff*.” – This one wasn’t.
  • “Oo, it’s all First Class isn’t it? No normal seats. He he he, *sniff*.” – Half a carriage out of 8 was First Class
  • “Oo, there’s never any seats is there? He he he, *sniff*.” – We were sitting down.
  • “Oo, why are we not moving? He he he, *sniff*.” – We were in a station.
  • “Oo, where are we? He he he, *sniff*.” – Said with a sudden look around. We were 5 stations from where they got off.
  • “Oo, you never know if a restaurant is clean do you? He he he, *sniff*.” – No, all restaurants should be closed down.

The “He he he” was a weak giggle. The *sniff* was a nasty, liquid sound that made me ill. Does this post make me sound a bit grumpy? Bah, bumbag, or whatever.