I Sit Corrected

It has been brought to my attention by one of my readers (the one on the left) that this post contains an error. It turns out that the men will be kicking a ball around in Germany, and not Greece as previously stated. Greece hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Whatever My bad.

Confusing these two events is completely justified. One is a competition where countries come together to compete in a flamboyant but ultimately meaningless contest of non-marketable skills, airing ancient international rivalries and favouritisms, where “we was robbed” every time except once many years ago.

The other one is the same.

Didn’t really work, that, did it? Oh, and something about silly costumes, dance routines and amusing commentary.

I have to say that I am with Charlie Brooker and Stewart Lee* when it comes to foopball.

In other words,


* On his DVD ‘Standup Comedian’ he describes anyone involved in playing, organising, or managing foopball, and anyone who watches it, as “filthy reactionary scum”