Ego Surfing

I would just like to clarify some identity issues. Searching for my name on Google produces a number of results which are not me. I don’t understand how this can happen. A friend tells me that there may be other people on the planet with the same name as me. Yeah right.

So, to clear this up once and for all, and not as an egotistical exercise in self-linking, because that wouldn’t be like me, here’s clarification of Google’s results.

  • Ansible – “oh, how appropriate a surname” – not me, although yes, it is appropriate.
  • Disturbed – Not me. A shame really, cos his free fonts are allll over the place.
  • NTK – Yep, that’s me
  • Blogger – Definitely not me. I mean.
  • The Pettys – This isn’t me either. I think this is the font guy.
  • Athletics – Sport, so can’t be me
  • More Athletics – Sport again, near Wales this time. Not me. Same Petty?
  • Tennis – First Welsh athletics, now American tennis. Stop with the sport, already.
  • ‘Parky’ – That’ll be me again
  • MUDsMUDs? – That takes me back. Not me though.
  • Tea bloke – Him again. Damn!
  • Diner – This sounds cool. Retro diner in the US, managed by another namesake.
  • Rowing – Rowing now! Fer gosh sakes!
  • Film – Ooh look that was me. Blimey!
  • Friends – I get this a lot
  • Carlton – This is definitely me
  • School – Me me me yadda yadda
  • Wrestling – And finally, wrestling. Mmmmm, lycra