The Musical Thug

Rehearsals continue apace. I’ve been recording various scenes and long speeches with my trusty Minidisc recorder, and playing them back in glorious Oh-God-Do-I-Sound-Like-That-O-Scope.

And it’s not just talking either. Just because one of the scenes is written in straight verse, The Beloved Director has decided that there wasn’t enough music in the play, and this scene is now sung. A duet between Betty Bullfeet and Arturo Ui, aka Kirsty and me. I’ve transferred the minidisc to my PC using Audacity, and now I’m in the process of editing the bad bits out, exporting to MP3, adding to my iTunes library, and burning CDs for my fellow cast members. Hard work, made harder by the fact that my voice seemed really off in the recordings. An aberration!