Shiny New Computer

After my PC was making strange noises and generally acting like it was dying, I went and bought a brand new one, complete with Genuine Copy Of Windows XP!

It actually arrived before it was due, but luckily Mairi was in and was able to sign on the dotted line. After the usual unpacking, checking and admiring, I plugged it in and fired it up. Lovely, clean, empty, smooth, and completely useless without any software on it. So I dug out the disks and installed Unreal Tournament 2004, just to check the speed and graphical capabilities, you understand.


And that is as far as I got, sadly. I guess I’ll install Illustrator when the need arises, and the various website tools, but for now I’ll leave it pristine. By the way, I decided on the name Proteus II.

As for the old Star One, with it’s newly empty hard drive, I may install Mandriva on it, from a magazine coverdisk. I keep trying out Linux, via Knoppix and so on, but it will be interesting to have a dedicated machine. Unfortunately, there’s no room to put it anywhere, so that will have to wait until the study is ‘remodelled’.