My Computer Is Dying

I am tempted to rename my PC ‘Zen‘, so I can reenact the Blake’s 7 episode ‘Terminal’.

The BIOS ‘forgot’ that I had a hard drive connected, then it freezes after a while. The drive makes some rather nasty clicking sounds. All baaaaad.

Luckily, I have a Knoppix boot disk which enabled me to play Frozen Bubble for a while to calm down, before popping online to order a new PC. In the reverse of my usual problems with courier firms, UPS is delivering it today, or rather they’re not, because I’m not there. They were supposed to deliver it next week, when Mairi’s at home. UPSs phone system requires you to read the (very long) tracking code to a computer. It failed to understand me three times, an I like to think my enunciation is darned good.

Mood: sad at death of ‘Star 1‘, annoyed at UPS, excited at thought of shiny new powerhouse, more excited about tonights performance

But what to call this new machine? Orac is a possibility, as is Slave. I should probably avoid tempting fate with names like Colossus, Proteus, or Mother.