Carlton Showcase LXXIX – It Works Better Short

Well that’s that over with for the moment. Thursday and Friday were the performances for the Carlton’s Showcase LXXIX. The LXXIX comes from the fact the the society started in 1927, and it ties in nicely with the 80th Anniversary celebrations next year (which will be LXXX).

It was the usual fun mix of short plays, sketches, and monologues, all enhanced for the audience by the addition of candleit tables and WINE.

I was in a couple of things, including a couple of short sketches with my buddy Mike Ahmad – the usual stuff, man goes into a bar, and a quite amusing anti-Tory rant. But most intense of all was KMcG’s Lord Of The Rings In 25 Minutes-ish. This was a masterpiece of quick changes, sock puppets, plastic swords, entire scenes reduced to one line, garden gnomes (or should that be dwarves?), rubber spiders, and invisible horses (“We ride north!”). I played Aragorn, a man given to scanning the horizon like something from a catalogue, or a U2 (spit) album cover from before they went “ironic”.