Hack Your Life To Pieces

Hello Lifehackers!

Lifehacker is a cool blog with lots of hints and top tips for doing stuff more efficiently. It often uses computers or PDAs, but not always. There’s a lot of Productivity pr0n as well. I submitted a tip a few days ago…

If you have a situation where you create a new file every day, or week, or month, and you include the date in the filename, be clever when you name them. Don’t use the format ‘Weekly Report wc 7th November 2005’ – this gets confusing the more files you have. Naming them something like ‘Weekly Report wc20051107.doc’, ‘Weekly Report wc20051114.doc’ etc. means that when you sort the files by ascending alphabetical order, they are also in ascending date order. No more searching through a long list of files for the one you want, and the dates are still readable. Add spaces if you want (‘Weekly Report wc 2005 11 14.doc’), it still works. Note that the date must be at the end of the filename.

As a result of the tip, I’ve been given a comments invitation for the Lifehacker blog, which allows me to make facetious comments about the new Moleskine A0-sized notebook. It also allows me to make facetious comments on any of the other Gawker blogs, like Jalopnik, Wonkette, Gizmodo and erm, Fleshbot. Watch out for me! I’ll be the one not really understanding the posts, cos I live in the UK! Huzzah!