Back Again, Meh

Well, I guess it’s about time I let both of you know what I’ve been up to. First off, I’ve been busy in my Dad’s house, sorting out his possessions, sending stuff to the dump, to charity shops, and bringing loads home with me.

As you can imagine, it’s a task by turns sad, funny, stressful, depressing, uplifting, nostalgic and dusty. My mother died in 2000, so it’s a case of clearing out the family home. I wasn’t actually born there, I was born when my parents lived across the road (actually I was born in a hospital, but you know what I mean), but the house was the family home for 30 years. A lot of stuff accrues in that time. So I guess I’d better report back with a progress report when I know more. It’s gonna be a heck of a process.