This Is More Like It

In stark contrast to the rubbish I produced, here is the piece Jane Richards (AKA Simone Evrard) wrote to accompany the wonderful gift she gave me. The limerick form appears to be mandatory.

There once was an actor called ‘Petty’,
And it’s to him I dedicate this fine ‘Netty’.
It’s crude and it’s brash,
And a banned load of trash,
But will make any man very sweaty!

Thank goodness for Monsieur de Sade,
He defined what it meant to be mad.
But Matthew is wise,
He took all in his stride,
And was great as this sadistic lad.

‘Secret Sades’ should cost less than a fiver,
But I’ve been a bit of a conniver.
Who cares about rules
When pornography calls,
Coz ‘Justine’ is worth more than a fiver.

Notes: The Netties are our equivalent of the Oscars, a gift-giving ceremony at the after-show party. A kind of ‘Secret Santa’ rule is used, where the names are drawn out of a pot to see who gets a gift for whom. Of course, in this case it was a ‘Secret Sade’. Jane got me a fantastic 1960’s copy of the Marquis de Sade’s Justine, which describes in wordy and vivid detail the fall from grace of an innocent girl. Lovely book, wrapped round with red white and blue ribbon, for that French Revolutionary touch. Thanks again Jane.