Lyme Regis July 2005

This was disrupted somewhat by events. Disrupted seems a little disrespectful, but you know what I mean. But, it was all booked, Mairi’s parents and nephews were all ready to go, so we went. I needed some time off anyway, on top of the compassionate leave, and it had taken us long enough to find a dog-friendly caravan site anyway. All in all, it was fun, if you discount the following.

  • Taking the dog to the local vet because he was limping (it turned out to be a grass seed lodged in the fur of his paw, which kept prodding him.)
  • The literally incessant rain.
  • Twisting the same ankle that I had twisted some weeks earlier, forcing me to use WORDS in front of my partners mother and young nephews.

At least the on-site pool had a slide.