I Got Your Tagline Right Here!

Tonight on Radio 4, in the 6.30 comedy slot, The Hudson and Pepperdine Show spews forth. It may be quite funny, but I won’t be listening after hearing the desperate ad spot over breakfast today. The two female perpetrators bicker about trying to find a tagline for their show, but keep using other advert taglines like “Every Little Helps” and so on, and the whole thing is so funny that I rinsed my cereal bowl, brushed my teeth and went to work.

But I want to help, being the charmer that I am, so here’s some suggestions.

  • The low-rent French and Saunders
  • The even-lower-rent Mel and Sue, if that’s possible
  • Not in the least funny
  • How the fuck did this get commissioned?
  • Your license fee in action
  • So funny, you may well self-harm as an excuse to leave the room

Oh by the way, I also won’t be listening because I’m off straight after work to help Esther and Bill celebrate their engagement! Congratulations guys, looking forward to a good Pre-Nup Sup.