Feeling Left Out

London Mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone said that the ‘7/7 Attacks’ were not aimed at a particular group, but rather at,

“…Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew…”

Hey, Ken, what about me? I have Sundays off – don’t I count? It was only when some Muslim Council spokesman said that Londoners must come together, both “those with and without faith“, that I started to feel included. I don’t know what the percentages are, but I like to think there are large number of people in London who don’t live their lives trying to impress invisible superheroes who live in outer space.

Actually, that “without faith” shit is beginning to annoy me. Sounds a bit negative, you know? A bit disparaging. Let’s be controversial! Let’s just divide everyone up into THEISTS and ATHEISTS.

I can’t tell the difference between all them Theists anyway.