Einstuerzende Neuekuechen

It seems that fans of German avant-garde metal-hitters Einstuerzende Neubauten are quite the gourmets, if this site of fan recipes is anything to go by. In addition to a wide range of delicious stuff, from veggie dishes to sweet snacks, the band themselves have submitted recipes, which are pretty tasty sounding as well. I love the idea of Blixa Bargeld perfecting his recipe for squid. Perhaps while waiting for the quinoa to simmer they could jam along on the pans with wooden spoons.Inspired by this, I decided to find out what other Mute Records artists think about food.

It turns out that Laibach share their name with a South African vineyard – about as far away from stereotypical Eastern Europe as you can get. But maybe that’s the point?

In addition, Diamanda Galas makes a mean coleslaw and Die Krupps make a mean range of coffee grinders.

As for Throbbing Gristle, that’s a recipe in itself.