Back At Work In A Very Quiet Office

After yesterday morning was spent trying to contact people and figure out what was happening, Paddington station and it’s offices were evacuated at 1230. So we wandered (actually strode purposefully) down to the junction between Sussex Gardens and London Street, and pondered what to do. It had started to rain by this point. After managing to get through on my mobile to Mairi, despite Vodafone’s emergency protocols, I decided to just head home.

So, I walked south through Hyde Park, getting wetter and wetter, stopped at the Serpentiene for a sandwich, and eventually hit Kensington Gore, which was cordoned off. I asked a very helpful policeman which way I should head to get back to Tooting. He suggested I buy a stout pair of walking shoes (ha ha – my compfy work shoes were already soaking by this point) and head down Queensgate.

This I did. It was funny to see groups of tourists with umbrellas and maps – “Welcome to London, you poor sods”. Now, I’ll hand over the narration to this fantastic GMaps Pedometer tool, based on the fantastic Google Maps. Click the links below to see my journey stages…

So there you have it. I got in at about 1530, dried off, had a cake that Mairi had bought for me, and had a nice nap, while the TV news played a video loop of a Retriever sniffing around a Porsche Boxter at Kings Cross.

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