31st Birthday Pictures

Despite the fact I am now 33, I have just finished sorting out the pictures from my 31st birthday par-tay way back in 2003. Here’s the full horror of it all.

None of the pictures have any comments or descriptions yet, because Flickr is blocked at my work, so I’ll have to wait until later to edit them. Feel free to add comments though!

The photos were taken by Simon Harris, a fellow member of the Carlton Dramatic Society. A lot of the guests are/were members too, so as you can imagine it was not a quiet night. Simon gave me the pictures as a gift, then I scanned them in groups of four to save time. Then I used the fantastic Irfanview to chop them up, Picasa (free from Google) to organise them, and Flickr to show them to you. Tada. Well worth it don’t you think? And it only took 25 months.