The Musical Baton – Katy’s Response

I sent the Musical Baton to some other people apart from the 5 on my list, and here’s a response already! This is from Katy, who played a very convincing loony in the recent play Marat/Sade. She writes…

“I can only really do one of the answers, because I’m not sure I understand the others.

Five songs they have been listening to of late (or all-time favourites, or particularly personally meaningful songs)

  1. Razorlight – Somewhere Else – Because I’m going to Isle of wight festival this weekend and they’re playing and I reckon this one will be amazing. I’m hoping that the crowd effect they’ve put on the track will become real live noise.
  2. Bobbie Gentry – Ode To Billy Joe – Recently discovered after watching Queens of Country because Dolly Parton was on it. (Hey I’m eclectic). Really good story track. Very dark… what were they throwing off the Tallahatchie Bridge?
  3. Jem – They – This track followed me around Wimbledon one day. So I bought it. It’s great. I think maybe a one hit wonder, but it went straight onto a car tape – praise indeed.
  4. Morrissey – I Have Forgiven Jesus – Brilliant track. Was never really a fan of Morrissey, although I liked some tracks (as introduced to me by Stevie), but saw him recently at Earls Court and had an epiphany! He was / is amazing – I have wasted so much time doubting. This track is the most recent to get into my head and stay there.
  5. Radiohead – Karma Police – Fav band ever. So brilliant and yet so misunderstood by those who refuse to take proper notice. Once and for all – They are not depressing if you listen properly. What I always say about Radiohead is – other tunes, I like, but radiohead tracks speak to me. (pretentious maybe, but true) This track especially always seems to be about me – “For a minute there, I lost myself”. Saw them at Earls Court and we, the crowd sung the chorus unaccompanied while Thom Yorke conducted – amazing!”

Cheers Katy – see you Thursday night for the cast reunion!