Home Sweet Home, With Lampshade

He’s home! Shuggie came home yesterday evening, groggy, half shaved, with one of those cool vet lampshade collar things round his neck to stop him biting his stitches out. Frankly he looked rather disreputable. Photos will be taken tonight.

He’s got antibiotics and anti-nausea stuff, and special soft food to eat, but he’s only allowed 2 spoonfuls every few hours. This means he spends the rest of the time whining with hunger, and fetching his bowl and bringing it to you. That is so cute. The vet said he could come back yesterday because he’s making such a good recovery, with no vomiting, and excellent appetite. I guess he’s bouncing back – kids do that, don’t they. Puppies, I mean.

p.s. A person who was once my friend said that dogs with those vet collars on are ‘pikey dogs’. She now has some making up to do.