Hipster PDA Mini – A Cry For Help

Now that I’m a member of the IEE, I had to have some new business cards printed. These are exactly the same as my old business cards, except they have the letters ‘MIEE’ after my name. Oh, and the fax number is now correct – thank goodness!

Seeing as I give out business cards at a rate of approximately 3 per year, I tend to have a lot left over when I get new ones. So howzabout this: The Hipster PDA Mini, based on the original Hipster PDA.

For those who can’t be arsed to click through, I’ll summarise them here. A Hipster PDA is a few 3×5 index cards held together with a binder clip, and used like a Filofax, or similar personal organiser. You can add and remove cards, have a calendar card, a to-do list, jot down notes, whatever. Quick, cheap, simple, powerful. The Hipster Mini is the same thing, but using business cards instead of the larger 3x5s. So, I’m using my obsolete business cards as a miniature Hipster PDA. Tada!

Is this madness? It could be. But it could also be a cry for help, a sign that I have an unrealised addiction to – Productivity Pr0n!

Maybe I should make a note to do something about it…


Now it’s June 2010, and I have another set of cards. In fact I got new ones in 2008 when I moved to San Diego, and now I have ones that say San Francisco on them. I will be using the old ones as a shopping list. One card per item.