33 Years And I Can’t Scratch An Itch…

Here are some things that people gave me to celebrate the Earth turning just one more time, and that I am still alive.

Thank you very very much to all you guys! You Guys! You are the greatest! Guys! You Guys! You!

  • Akira – DVD box set – watched a couple of trailers
  • Ghost In The Shell DVD
  • Gatchaman DVD – watched one episode
  • Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum Live CD
  • Cut Copy CD
  • The Vanishing, book – started reading at cafe on Sunday, finished on the train a day later – fantastically chilling.
  • Rip It Up And Start Again – History of Post Punk, book
  • The Actor’s Guide 2005 book – wishful thinking there, Dave.
  • Chocolate coated ginger pieces (eaten)
  • Maxims of Paris chocolate wafers in posh tin – half eaten
  • Socks!

Appy polly loggies to anyone I’ve missed – I’ll take stock when I get home tonight.