Pain Threshold

When rehearsing a play, and trying to learn your lines, there is a pain barrier that must be broken through before you can really feel free on the stage. That is when you put the script down for the first time. You think you know your lines, (or you don’t, but you’re supposed to) so you go ‘off book’.

And you stand there, squirming, unable at a very base level to remember what hell you’re supposed to say (“Of course, Monsieur” as it turned out).

But eventually, you struggle through, with help from co-starsactors and The Incredible Knitting Prompt. You have managed to burst through the pain barrier, and now you can concentrate on where you are supposed to be, and not fidgeting.

But in this play, it would appear there is another pain barrier/threshold. I don’t want to say too much here, for fear of spoiling the plot, but suffice to say things are done to me on stage which some people I know think should have been done to me a long time ago. Mmmm, I’ll let that sink in.

In other news, the poster is now done, so pop along to The Carlton Website for ticket details and the Official Play Page for the poster. Get booking, get buying, get spending! Witness the depravity! Cheer the perpetrators! See him get his just desserts!