Bipolar Rehearsal

Ah, the pleasure and the pain. Or, in the case of last nights rehearsal, the other way round. We’re at the point where we really should be zipping through full runthroughs. Instead, we limped our way through the first Act, with the slightly hysterical energy of the terminally afraid.

I was one of the worst culprits. I know the lines. But still, there I was, shattering the pace, causing hiccups and making everyone retrace a scene while I bumbled around, muttering, “Sorry” and looking sheepish. More work needed there, methinks.

So, after the tea break (during which we realised we don’t have anyone operating the lights – can you help?) we went at Act I again. And lo and behold, we tripped through it fantastically. OK, some v v minor glitches, but it was a vast improvement, and we were able to head off into the cold May London rain with smiles on our faces.

So all we need to do is rehearse, it would appear. It seems to have a positive effect.

1 week to go!