Sign The NO TO ID CARDS Petition Now!

Britain’s national ID card is back from the grave, and the government here is ploughing ahead at speed to make this an expensive, privacy-compromising reality. If you’ve lived in the UK for the past six months (or more), and you don’t want to be issued a Soviet-style “internal passport,” get to this site now and spend ten seconds filling in the No2ID petition. This may be your last chance.

  • An ID scheme won’t stop terrorists
  • An ID scheme will not control illegal immigration
  • An ID scheme won’t enable you to have anything you do not already have
  • An ID scheme will cost billions in taxpayers money and achieve nothing
  • An ID scheme will mean your most intimate details will be controlled by the government forever
  • An ID scheme will cost everyone £75 every yearNO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state Open petition page in new window