Here Comes The Pup

We’ve taken the plunge, and bought a dog. A puppy, to be precise. Pushpop Poinsetter, son of Diamond Dolphinium and Wizards Revenge (not sure about the names). His real name of course will be SHUGGIE. Here’s the photos so far:
Shuggie Flickr Gallery.

We went along to see him at his breeders (all above board and registered of course) and place a deposit, much as he will be doing around the flat when we get him home.

Talking of which, we had to go and buy half a shop’s worth of stuff…

  • wicker basket
  • training pads (aka ‘floor nappies’)
  • shampoo (with jojoba extract and pro-v conditioners)
  • collar
  • lead
  • little shiny disc for his collar with name and address
  • the list goes on…

And because of the imminent arrival, I’ve had to

  • Fix the fence so he can’t escape
  • Sort out the hall cupboard as a kind of den
  • Fix up a gravel area in the garden (you know why)
  • Fix the back stairs
  • Fix a grab rail for the back stairs

and so on. Can anything require more nesting? Don’t answer that.

We’re going along again tonight to check up on him at 6 weeks old. He’s probably the size of a house by now. Can’t wait – more photos up soon!