Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music

If you’ve ever wondered what all the different genres and subgenres of house, techno, noizecore(!) etc sounded like, and how they link to other genres of music as a whole, this Guide to Electronic Dance Music should answer your questions. This Macromedia Flash application has been recently updated with tutorial about the origins of the music, or you can just dive in and click a genre at random. Fantastic stuff. The creator has added his own thoughts on each style, from his experiences as a DJ. Funny, and informative!

Plus, in the new version, for some genres of music, there is a direct link to a streaming session of that style. So, if you have a deadline today, click on through to Hard Acid Techno, crank it up, slip on the headphones, and you’ll have that Powerpoint out the door faster than your foot can tap.