Gotta Watch ‘Em All!

We’ve been getting movies through online DVD rental gaff Lovefilm. Not a good start – our letterbox is so small a lazy postman can’t get a DVD in a slipcase through. Luckily, Downstairs Ted (for it is he) intercepted and dropped it by. Our first rental was 2010.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but while we’re getting all these movies, why not get ones that you have a tiny desire to see again, if only for the phrase, “My God, it’s full of stars!”.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for it to be sent first. It ended up at #20 in our rental queue. But it was sent first, which either meant that they didn’t have copies of Kill Bill Vol. 2, Election, Spirited Away, or Contamination, or more likely that I clicked on it first, and straight away they sent it to me. Admirable in a way. Since then we’ve had no trouble. Movie after movie after movie… never a break!

As for the letterbox problem, we need a new front door anyway – a more burglar-proof one. We’re going for the monolithic 10 Downing Street style, and it will have a sodding great letterbox. No more trips to the P.O. Depot for us, queuing next to the fish market on a Saturday morning. Yum.