Bloglines Online Newsfeed Love Action

I’ve become quite a fan of the online newsfeed tool Bloglines. As the name suggests, it collates together newsfeeds, blogs, and other RSS-syndicated content into one handy page, with no need to install anything. In fact all that’s required is to register, subscribe to some feeds, and pop back each day (or whenever) to see what’s new. And because it’s all web-based, you can do it from wherever you are, home, work, wherever.

As a taster, here is my blogroll, that is, the sites I’ve subscribed to. A long and varied bunch. You should note that not all of them update regularly, especially ‘Exhibit B’, whatever the hell that is…*

But just in case I do start pulling my socks up, you can subscribe to this site on your Bloglines account by clicking here.

And if you already have a newsreader, and you’d like the RSS-compatible feed, here you are. Enjoy!

*[edit: ‘Exhibit B’ was the old name for this site, but no longer. See here for an explanation of the name]

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