A Nettie for Jethro Crabb

As mentioned elsewhere, my contribution to the after-show gift-giving and character-based poem reading was this, dedicated to Jethro, and his wife-beating character. It was written, and read, in the style of a ‘beat’ poet, befitting the beatings he would hand out.

A question.
“What did you ‘ave? One or a two?”
Two of course.
The play.
We’re back there.
Us. I’m painting a picture here.
The silence.
“Sit down love”
Storm-clouds gathering, boiling sky. A theatre holds its breath. Intercom hiss.
Downstairs club pounding.
Silence burns through it all, until we’re told,
“You’ll never do it again.”
And after tonight,
He won’t.

Thank you, I’m here Thursdays.