Firefox 1.0 Released

The Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox web browser has officially hit 1.0. The main webserver is getting thrashed at the moment as everybody links to the front page (here), but it looks like these download mirrors are handling things fine. They’ve got the Win32, OSX and Linux versions all ready to go.

I love Firefox. The Ode*n cinema site doesn’t work with it, but the Ode*n website is shit. QED.

I swear by it in Windows. If you’re still using IE, for the love of all things holy, just make the switch. It will take you all of 60 seconds to get acquainted with the new browser, and almost any browser toolbars or extended features you like in IE are certainly available as a 3rd party plugin on Firefox.

Please download and use this browser. It is much more standards-compliant than IE, and you can feel good about supporting an Open Source project.