A Review Of Wednesday’s Show

Wow, thanks so much for a stunning show last night. Me and my flatmates were amused, moved, gobsmacked and sometimes scared. I laughed, I cried. Everyone of you was fantastic; spot on.There was so much tension and humour – often at the same time! … The best theatre I’ve seen for ages, congratulations to you all … brilliant!

High praise indeed – let’s hope it stays this good!

Here’s another review, while we’re feeling it.

A friend of my husband came to see Two and was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed himself immensely, so much so that could not stop congratulating on everyone’s performance after the show and also sent me a text the following morning saying once again how much he had enjoyed it.
This Friday just passed I met him again, and commented once again on Two and said that only the previous night he went along to some other fringe type theatre production to watch a performance which was staged by professional actors. He said, and he really does only ever speak the truth from his heart, that we were by far much better than the professionals! So how good is that then? Well done to you all once again, the praise still keeps coming!
I also have just returned from visiting my Mum and Dad this weekend up in Suffolk, and she too mentioned how good the play was and thought it was the best thing she had seen the Carlton do (please bear in mind she has been supporting the Carlton for the past 11 years!) can’t be bad eh?