When I’m On My Knees I’d Do Anything Just To Kick It

5.30. Bar Kick, Shoreditch High Street

Katie’s Birthday. Place is still pretty quiet still at 5.30, plenty of seats and stools, but already the football tables (made by Sulpie) are the scenes of some friendly rivalry. Beer of the day (Super Bock from Portugal – website here – I’M IN FLASH HELL) has gone up to £1.70 a bottle, so no more lets-fill-the-table-for-a-tenner.

The trouble is, I couldn’t stay any longer at work. I was trying to get to grips with XML and XSLT (and I had the bit between my teeth there, I can tell you), but considering the office was empty by 4 apart from Richard and I, I couldn’t string it out any longer.

Anyway, the last week has seen a return to relatively normal life after THE MOVE. It just occurred to me that now I’m on the Tube, it would probably be possible to go home and change before coming back out.

But Kick Friday is supposed to be straight after work. It’s a tradition, at least inside my sentimental little head.

So, tonight, I’m here to see Katie, who celebrating her 30th birthday. Haven’t seen her for a while, and every time our paths cross we say, “Didn’t get to talk to you – next time we must have a proper natter.” Let’s hope we can do that soon.

Also, I hear Cassie is back from filming poker players in Las Vegas. I heard this from Daneeta, who is still raising funds for her movie. I helped out by pointing her toward PayPal, and she says she’s already had a few extra (admittedly small) donations. My name’s in the credits!