That Birthday Present List In Full…

and in no particular order…

(to be expanded when I remember more – apologies to the offended)

From Mairi
History Book with Timelines
David Cronenberg double-bill DVD: Rabid and Shivers
Butterscotch sweeties
Chocolate Lime sweeties
Crystallized Ginger sweeties
From Suzanne
Various Moleskine notepads – enough to last a lifetime!
From Robin and Ruth
The 6ths – Hyacinths and Thistles CD
Wicked mockup of the cover of Kraftwerk – The Man Machine, but with my face, so it’s The Matt Machine
From Eirian
A Globe
A talking Mr. T keyring. (‘I pity the fool!’)
The Onion: Our Dumb Century pocketbook
From Gren and Mags
The Richard Pryor DVD
From Mairi’s folks
Spaced Series 1 DVD
Delicious chocolates (eaten)
From Mairi’s sister and family
Delicious chocolates (eaten)
Alan Moore comic book

Thanks to all of you for giving me things to comemmorate me being born 32 years ago.