WWW2FTP is an online FTP client. It allows all the usual FTP functions, in a simple web-based interface.

The interface is in German, which isn’t a problem for me, and all the commands are pretty obvious anyway. In fact, here’s a quick rundown of the interface, with the various commands translated:


As you can see, most of the usual FTP commands are there.

  • Double-clicking on a directory name in the file list will take you there.
  • Double-clicking a file will open it in the built-in text editor.
  • Move a file by renaming it with the new directory included. E.g. use ‘..’ to move up a directory.

Beware! ‘Abbrechen’ means ‘Cancel’, ‘Speichern’ means ‘Save’. Be careful what files you edit!

The great thing about this tool is that if your FTP client won’t work, due to firewall restrictions for example, you can still edit your files.