Post Xmas Lulllllll

Well, we’re well and truly back in the swing of the saddle now, and the daily trip to Lovely Euston is back.

S’pose I’ll tell you about Christmas. Well, Mairi and I zipped up to Bedford (the family seat) in car, with Xmas hits blasting from the stereo, and a boot full of presents. Nothing like the North Circular with a bit of the Waitresses! We were like Santa himself, but with a Fiat Punto instead of a sleigh, and 1.2 litres of raw power instead of reindeer. Once there, we had a most enjoyable, if sedentary, time. Had Christmas lunch at M’s sister’s, which was fantastic, enormous plates of nosh all round.

Then, just to help with the digestion process, we played one of these Dance Dance Revolution style games on the PS2, which was pretty funny after a few glasses of Merlot. (can I just say I got the High Score? Thanks.)

Then Boxing Day to my brother’s with more delicious grub, more fun and games, more booze and more dancing to ‘It’s Like That’ by Run DMC on a mat in front of a PS2. (Another High Score…)

Later on, there was another meal at my Dad’s, which M and I got to in time to enjoy some dessert and a couple of beers. At this house, I was shown how to get the rocket car in the Simpsons (it’s fast, but fragile). Those PS2’s get everywhere!

Then back to gorgeous scenic intellectual Streatham, to find that the flat hadn’t been broken into. That is newsworthy, trust me.

A couple of days of relaxing and drumming on the taut belly-skin, then New Year at Balham’s Bedford pub, for the Banana Cabaret comedy night. That was a good night, 4 comedians, good food, too much beer, silly dancing, indoor fireworks, and finally walking to the car (M was driving, don’t worry yourselves) in the horizontal rain. What a way to see 2004 in! Actually all I saw of Jan 1st 2004 was the underside of my duvet.