Parcelforce Are Shit At What They Do

Yes it’s a whinge. Bloody deal with it.

Here we fucking go again. Parcelforce, who are supposed to be delivering my broadband modem, have failed to do so for three days in a row.

Now M is currently off sick, so she is in and around the flat. But still it doesn’t arrive. I call Tiscali, sit in a queue for ages, they can’t do anything, because it’s the responsibility of the local depot. And surprise, surprise, the SW London depot is staffed by idiots and thieves.

And once again, the ‘system’ is to blame. Not just the computer part, but the procedures, training, policies and checks. All combine to make a stupid maze, in which the slightest wrong turn can ruin your chances of receiving whatever you bought.

And the private couriers are no better.