Forthcoming Attractions

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back into rehearsals. “Rehearsals for what?”, I hear you cry. I’m glad you asked me that.

The rehearsals are for the Carlton 2004 Workshops, a series of short plays, sketches, sometimes songs, put on in Wimbledon by the Carlton Dramatic Society.

It’s a great chance for people to try new stuff out, things they’ve written, or to try their hand at directing something compact.

I myself am involved with four bits, as follows.

2 sketches by the inimitable Fry and Laurie, with me as a doctor, and also as a headmaster. A cameo as another doctor at the end of an original monologue. And last but not least, the seething lust and rampant jealousy on show in August Strindbergs Miss Julie. I play Jean, the valet, determined to seduce the daughter of his Master, and use her to claw his way out of the class into which he was born. And the cunning part? Make her think she was doing the seducing.

A busy night, with many costume changes, and fun for some of the family.