Cold Comfort Mountain

Went to see ‘Cold Mountain’ at the glorious Wimbledon Odious, sorry Odeon. Ha ha. Well, what can we say. It was an epic. That is, very long. And it was set in the Southern US, which has a distinct accent.This gave rise to some problems. Jude Law just about managed to hold the accent steady, Nicole Kidman had a bit of trouble, but Ray Winstone can put another feather in his cap – another accent dismembered and twisted to gruesome death in his name.

I thought the mangled cockney/bbc/royalty stew he gave us in Henry VIII was bad, but this had Mairi and I giggling in our seats.

Apart from that, the film did rather suffer from a lack of chemistry. Jude and Nicole had very little to work with to make us sympathetic before they were split asunder, which made the whole story somewhat moot.

Will he get home? Will they still love each other? Can’t say I really gave a monkeys. Serves me right for seeing a film by the director of The English Patient.