Chiz Moan Drone

I have been told by a friend that this stuff is ‘a bit ranty’. Well, I shall endeavour to change this. Posting more often would help I guess. Considering he’s the only person reading it, I’d best.

So here goes. Today is a lovely January London day. “No such thing!”. A voice.

Well, there’s a tiny bit of blue sky behind the dishrag clouds, it’s not raining (but it has been), the wind is fresh rather than biting, and my jacket and hat are warm. I have to say it rather gave me a spring in my step.

Something which I rather regretted because no sooner had I sprung a bit, yesterday’s badminton came to haunt me, and I had to go back to pained hobbling. Matt beat me 2-1 again – I will have my revenge*!

 *pronounced ‘rewengy’