Ab Fab Script For Sale

In my capacity as ‘bloke who knows about computers’ in the Carlton Dramatic Society, I’ve been given the task of selling a gift that our President, June Whitfield, gave us last year.

It is a script for Absolutely Fabulous, Series D, Episode 1, ‘Parralox’, with the Bubble Webcam, Katy Grin selling carpets, and Patsy with Botox. It is dated 25 May 2001, and the episode was aired 31 August 2001.

The good bit is that is is signed by most of the cast:

  • Jennifer Saunders (twice!)
  • Joanna Lumley
  • June Whitfield
  • Julia Sawalha
  • Jane Horrocks
  • Helen Lederer
  • Naoko Mori
  • Sally-Ann Hayward
  • Bob Barrett
  • And 1 other (illegible)

So, I went trawling around the web to find out whether people would be interested. I was led into the murky world of fansites… Tripod, Geocities, Lycos, redexes, background images, background midis, marquees, blink tags, I’ve seen it all. OMG.

Anyway, if anyone out there wants to buy this thing, it’ll be on Ebay soon, hopefully.