Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

An earlier post skirts around my problems getting my video repaired. It has now been returned, and it appears to work.

That is, it plays without making squealing noises, and the picture doesn’t have stripes all over it. Unless I have the PC on, which pumps out EM pollution like it was practising to be the Goldeneye Weapon System. This does not mean I recommend shopping at Curry’s or Dixon’s. They still SUCK.

Still nice to have it back. But now I’ve got the DVD player (from Richer Sounds – highly recommended), so now to start another collection of media! Another pile on the shelf. So, to celebrate, I bought the 4 disc ‘definitive’ edition of The Evil Dead Trilogy. Now I just need to wait till Mairi’s out of the house before I can watch them.

“I’ll swallow your soul! I’ll swallow your soul!”
“Swallow this.”

(As sampled by The Shamen on the original CD album version of ‘Hyperreal’. That’s the mellow reggae-styled one, with the 303 bassline only coming in at the end. God that’s tragic.)