Urban DK

Waiting to cross the road this morning, I saw that the nice silver jewellery shop by Streatham station has closed, to be replaced by – you guessed it – a pound shop! Like Streatham needs another one.

It’s really depressing to think that a nice shop can’t make enough to survive in a shithole like Streatham, while another shop selling poor quality plastic goods can? I mean for flip’s sake, McDonald’s closed in Streatham. I don’t patronise McDonald’s much (“Well, they do their best” – ho ho) but when I did enter the Streatham branch, they didn’t have any fries. NO FRIES. It must have been run and staffed by idiots, which is a common problem in Streatham.

Also affected are all the supermarkets – once when trying to find falafel in Safeway, the member of staff hadn’t heard of it, and in fact grimaced when I described it.

To top that, eventually they asked the store manager, and they hadn’t heard of it either. Jeez. Found it in the end, next to the steaks and veal probably.

Anyway, McDonalds closed, and was replaced by – wait for it – a pound shop. However, shortly after that, another pound shop along the road closed, and was replaced by – oooo the suspense – KFC.

So you can’t say that the planning department doesn’t have our, and the community’s, best interests at heart.

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