DVD Love Action

Been watching a few DVD’s now we’ve got the machine. I’ve got it squirting it’s noise through my amp, so I can hear director’s commentaries and alternative endings in glorious Dolby 5.1. Albeit through two rather small speakers, with books and CDs piled in front of them. But no matter!Watched Equilibrium on rental first. We got it on one of these new DVD-rental-by-mail places, called Movietrak. We ordered the movie, but it never turned up, probably due to Royal Mail incompetence.

So I emailed Movietrak, and they sent another copy immediately. So well done MT. Recommended.

Anyhoo. The film. Well, Blade Runner it ain’t, but it was a good slice of nonsense fun. The plot didn’t hang together particularly well, but the fights were pretty nifty if you like that sort of thing. Having seen Underworld a couple of weeks ago, I have to make comparisons.

Long Coats? Check.

Po-faced hero? Check.

Cheekbones? Check.

Climactic final fight scene? Check.

Coup de grace causing severed part of body to remain attached, then slowly slide off? CHECK!

Seems to be the effect to have at the moment. I bet Quentin has Uma do this to someone in his new flick. [edit: yes he does!]

It was good to have the little Hitler Youth son turn out to be a goodie – unusual, when you look at the pedigree. The kid made a better job of not showing emotion than the main character did anyway.

Went to see Bright Young Things, adapted from the Evelyn Waugh by one of my heroes, Stephen Fry. Jolly good fun. Great balance of sympathy and disgust at the characters. Lots of familiar faces, some new ones, but ones to watch. After enjoying such a genteel vision of life, it seemed rather a shame to come out of the cinema into Wimbledon, with it’s Top Man-shirted scum roaring drunk all around. Ho hum.

So what better way to cheer up than to watch the 4 disc ‘definitive’ set of Evil Dead. Great stuff, and packed with goodies, including a very young bequiffed and be-nasty-late-80’s-double-breasted-zoot-suited Jonathan Ross interviewing Sam Raimi. Bless ‘im.

So that means my DVD collection so far consists of Apocalypse Now Redux, Evil Dead, and, erm, that’s it. How obvious, darling. I must do something about that. Hey why not buy me something? Worth a try.