Managed to partake in that quintessentially British pastime, Afternoon Tea, on Saturday. Mairi’s birthday is this week, so on Sat we went to Claridges.

Fantastic time, very swish surroundings, all the sandwiches, scones and pastries you can eat, washed down with litres of tea. Great value, as long as you absolutely gorge yourself. Which I think I did.

Thence to the Anchor pub on the South Bank, which is apparently where Samuel Pepys watched the Great Fire destroy most of London in 1666. A few pints of distictly non-authentic European lager, then hopped on the tube down to Tooting for a curry.

Chicken Dupiaza, very nice, if a little hotter than I was expecting. They always do that at the Sree Krishna.

A great day, and a great Sunday to deflate.