Some Day I’ll Flyer Away

Ah well, back to work. Nice weekend though, relaxing and constructive in equal measure. Finally got this site going a bit more, for one thing. The ‘Two Gents’ flyers are ordered and on their way, so that’s a tick in a box.

BTW, sorry about the myriad popups that the Carlton site gives you – we can’t afford our own webspace, and so we’re at the mercy of Tripod. Freeserve are a little better, but I’ve had to jerry-rig this blog. Never mind, it seems to work.

Busy week ahead as a matter of fact. Thursday night is a colleagues leaving drinks, so that should be fun, then meeting various in Shoreditch after work on Friday for a night out. Then on Saturday it’s posh time at Claridges for tea, then the Anchor on Bankside, then Shree Krishna in Tooting. All to celebrate Mairi’s birthday, as well as Eirian’s and Suzanne’s.

Then to wind down on Sunday it’s a nice relaxing Carlton committee meeting in Epsom, just the ticket. I think I may need a week off after that, if not just to let the wallet recover. And the liver. And the Spleeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

[edit: Carlton now have their own webspace at I have my own space at How things change!]

[edit 2: I just pasted this into WordPress. How things continue to change!]

[edit 3: I just removed all but a couple mentions of (and added that one), because it’s all now! Change is the only thing that doesn’t change!]