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DooM 3

Good lord, I remember getting excited about Doom coming out – nearly 10 years ago! And now it seems Doom 3 is on its way. And it looks incredible, I must say. OK, I’m no expert, but I have followed games since, well, since 1980. Never owned many, but I’ve been interested. Doom was really immersive, which seems incredible now. Doom 3 looks like a movie!

To help with this gaming business, I’ve Tiscali broadband on order – ADSL, good deal, modem’s in the post. Then we’ll get UT2003 and head out for some action!

In the meantime, ISketch will have to do…

Palm OS Freeware

After my unsuccessful attempt at rescurrecting my Psion Siena from the grave by mummifying it with silver gaffer tape (this site passim), I decided to indulge in a sparkling second hand Handspring Visor. Being the skinflint I am, I wanted to populate it with as much freeware as possible, and after nearly a year of use, I’ve settled on the following clever little bits:

Aww Cute

Ferry Halim has some great games here. Some are pretty hard, some are quite simple, but they all look fantastic. My favourite is the flying saucer videoing game.