The Talented Mr Albini

The Shellac show at the New Parish in Oakland a couple of weeks ago was a fascinating combination of “purity” and “richness”. I’ve not really heard much stuff by Steve Albini – I’m obviously aware of his status in the music world, but it’s not really the kind of thing I’m into, so it’s passed me by.… Continue reading The Talented Mr Albini

Cosmic Siren

I’ve got the ancient hard-drive-based iPod on shuffle, and it just played Space is Deep by veteran cosmic travellers Hawkwind, off their 1972 album Doremi Fasol Latido. It reminded me of my brother’s early efforts in circuit bending. “Circuit bending” is the practise of taking a piece of electronics capable of making a sound, and… Continue reading Cosmic Siren

Wedding Music – Afterparty Playlist

After the wedding venue closed up, we invited those who wanted to continue the party to our suite overlooking the Bellagio fountains. I quickly sat and threw together this playlist (all the while being told off for “being on the computer”). Elvis Costello And The Attractions : Accidents Will Happen Meat Beat Manifesto : Acid… Continue reading Wedding Music – Afterparty Playlist

Wedding Music – Dancing

This one was a lot of fun to put together, and quite tricky at the same time. We had to use stuff that people would know, like, and want to dance to. The fact the dancefloor was full almost the entire time shows we got it mostly right. This playlist wasn’t played in order –… Continue reading Wedding Music – Dancing

Wedding Music – Guest Arrival

This music was for when the guests were arriving. We wanted it to be a nice ambient/”loungecore” kind of vibe, in keeping with the tropical surroundings of the venue. An extra nice touch was that Franz Kirmann was a guest at the wedding (Cassie knows him from her time at London Film School), so we… Continue reading Wedding Music – Guest Arrival

Nice Mix In The Cloud

The Beautiful Sounds Machines Make Vol. 2 by Angrybonbon on Mixcloud Some more great stuff from the Northern half of Both Bars On. Arpeggiated synths bringing to mind The Who, then suddenly drifting off into early Kraftwerk – I half expected to hear a clarinet or flute. Excellent database-wrangling music, especially because a lot of… Continue reading Nice Mix In The Cloud

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Hello Pasadena

Cassie was born in Pasadena, CA. Her parents actually lived in neighboring San Marino, but there’s no hospital there, so Pasadena it was. she told me that when she would tell people in London she was born there, they would say, “Hello Pasadena!” and say that was where the Rose Bowl was. She wondered why… Continue reading Hello Pasadena

Instra:mental – Resolution 653 « Both Bars On

Another smoking jammy from my peeps at Both Bars On. Cassie made a wedding vow to take my musical taste into account when making playlists for road trips. This should be a good test – and what more healthy way to show our devotion to each other than to find stuff that sounds like it… Continue reading Instra:mental – Resolution 653 « Both Bars On

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Greg Hawkes, Nerd Boyfriend

Nerd Boyfriend is all over the place at the moment. It’s a really nice and simple idea, with a decent amount of work behind it, and as a result the creator Roxana Altamirano is in big demand. Each post takes an old picture of a male icon of some kind (several actors, obviously, but also … Continue reading Greg Hawkes, Nerd Boyfriend

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Parts & Labor: Constant Future « Both Bars On

  Parts & Labor: Constant Future « Both Bars On. I’ve been listening to their old album Receivers a lot recently, and it looks like I should get their old stuff too – I had no idea they’ve been around so long. I do like their version of the folky harmonies – it doesn’t sound… Continue reading Parts & Labor: Constant Future « Both Bars On

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