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Recent Links, 20081028

» The Spectator – Melanie Phillips says economic meltdown is due to “militant atheism” Theism does not equal morality. Melanie Phillips does not equal anyone I want to spend time with. Why do I read this stuff?

» Blender Defender Want to scare your cat into not jumping up on the counter? Set up your blender and a strobe with motion-detectors. Videos!

» Upside Down Dogs Photos of dogs faces upside down, and all that entails.

» BBC gets quack to speculate on mental health of Prime Minister during time of financial crisis *updated* « gimpy’s blog Oh dear, seems like the BBC should really think about the qualifications of the people they ask. Psychotherapy /= psychology. One is a science.

Recent Links, 20081015

» FiveThirtyEight.com: Electoral Projections Done Right Very detailed statistical analysis of the US Presidential Election. Lots of charts and graphs. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate they are…

» Mozilla Bug 2212 – character alignment not implemented (align=char, charoff=, text-align:<string>) Come on, get on with it. These lazy Open Source programmers, giving us their spare time, I don’t know. This feature would have been very useful all these years.

» the blogger code Mine is: B9 d t+ k s u- f i+ o++ x- e++ l c. But what does it mean? Difficult to see the point of this. Also, it would change every year. OK idea, poorly implemented.

» YouTube – Fry and Laurie – Young Tory of the Year This reminds me of the “word salad” that Sarah Palin is guilty of. Script here.

» FOXNews.com – Man Shot 3 Times Claims He Was Gunned Down Over Pro-Obama Shirt – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News Yes, a link to a Fox News article citing a Daily Mail article about a shaven-headed man with a vicious dog and a BB gun who shot, wounded and racially abused a man for wearing an Obama tshirt in South Norwood, London. I’m confused.

Recent Links, 20081009

» Daily Kos: McCain’s Non-Support for Troops and Veterans: The Master List Pretty comprehensive list of why McCain does not support US troops and veterans like he says he does. There should be more “cheat sheets” like this, for all candidates. Instant fact checking and calling out on lies.

» garfield minus garfield Funnily enough, this is exactly how I felt on January 2nd 1986.

» The Red Menace: What We Were Told to Fear Before Islam “Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?” – or indeed Mr Bean impersonators? Great gallery of anti-communist posters and flyers.

» ‘Canned laughter”, my least favourite urban myth « Why, That’s Delightful! Graham Linehan takes a swipe at the wrongness of some Guardian writer perpetuating the “canned laughter” myth.

» L.A. under visual assault by digital billboards – Los Angeles Times Cassie’s area has these new electronic billboards. They need to be stopped before “quaint” Silver Lake, with it’s organic feel, ends up looking like Piccadilly Circus.

» Debate on Flickr Gordon doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the debate

Recent Links, 20081001

» xkcd – Fiction Rule of Thumb So true. An addition to this is that the more proper nouns in the book have apostrophes in the middle of the word, the greater the suckage.

» The Open Rights Group » 4 good reasons not to take part in the BT Webwise trial BT are really a bunch of sods. Simon, do something about it. When I blogged about this earlier, I got some half-articulate responses from Phorm itself.

» RepRap: Blog: Meshlab Discovery – The Origins A RepRap Darwin has made a cat with an overhanging chin! This project is fascinating and very eng-geeky. Homemade open-source extrusion fabrication.

» Neatorama » Star Wars Hoodies I would get one of these if they had a TIE Fighter Pilot (i.e. like the Stormtrooper but black)

» Skepchick: SGU: The Mouthpiece of Satan Great piece about a review of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast by a Midwestern Conservative Christian.

» Stuart Croft – Films – The Everlasting I was in this! Stuart took me up to Yorkshire, where we filmed in a ruined abbey.

» Bad Science » Haha w00t I am “Health Book Of The Week” in the Daily Mail Never mind the LHC causing a black hole, the Daily Mail giving a favourable review to Ben Goldacre’s book on pseudoscience and media gullibility may cause the universe to turn inside out, experts warn…

» Bad Science » Dave Ford from Durham Council performs incompetent experiments on children. Ben Goldacre examines the breathtaking incompetence and shoddy transparent lying surrounding the Durham GCSE fish oil trial.

Recent Links, 20080926

» YouTube – Doctor Who: What are you doing here? Lots of people saying, “What are you doing here?”. Amazing, hypnotic and long.

» Britain will make foreigners carry RFID identity cards and will put us in a huge, Orwellian database: the rest of Britain will be next – Boing Boing Oh boy. I’m very upset about Labour letting us all down. I hate the Tories. What to do?

» Mark Millar on Sarah Palin: “Terrifying” This interview chimes with me on McCain, Palin and Obama. The fact it’s with a Scottish comic book artist just makes it better. But then! He goes and blows it…

» Wanted: An End To Science: Hollywood’s New Player Declares War On Science Mark Millar loses cred in a major way by calling the LHC scientists “French F*cks”. Nice one, dickhead.

» The Simple Dollar » How to Safely Build Your Credit History I’m currently in the interesting position of being a well-paid adult with a UK mortgage, but without a credit history. This is a good common-sense guide to follow. It’s aimed at new graduates, but can apply to me too.

» BFI Screenonline: Why Don’t You… (1973-94) The word “mainstay” is applicable here. Reading this I can say that Russell T Davies ruined Why Don’t You. It was fine when it was just the gangs doing their thing. But you had to turn it into a sitcom. Git.

» “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”: 12 Year Olds Remake A Classic – Retro Thing Yes, that was it. As I mentioned the other day. Acyually NO! The one I was thinking of was a British kid, I’m sure.

» Free Our Data: Make taxpayers’ data available to them About time I found out more about this lot. UK taxpayers paid for mapping of their country. That data should be freely available, instead of locked away and released for a fee.

Recent Links, 20080923

» Drinking Skepchickally, San Diego TOMORROW! Going along to this to meet geeky types.

» Homemade Hollywood – Fans Behind the Camera – Retro Thing Review of a book about homemade fan films, a phenomenon dating back to 1922! I remember a segment on ‘Why Don’t You?’ about a kid remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark with himself as the star. I wonder what happened to him?

» Ofsted opens a department of the bleeding obvious » Drink-soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR Very angry. I’m not involved in education, but obviously I care, and it’s nice to see someone writing how I often feel about Fatcher and so on.

» PublicMarkup.org Open public markup system for US Law. See the text of proposals and add your comments. Congress then see what people think and maybe – just maybe – respond.

» Die Luft der Freiheit weht This is a motto from Stanford University, where a colleague just did a course. I wanted to confirm what “weht” meant, and ended up reading this essay about the true meaning. “The Wind Of Freedom Blows” – hehe.

» KIOSK – Interesting things from interesting countries I’m sure I bookmarked this years ago. Maybe they changed their URL. Shop with stuff from many different countries.

» Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka » what to make of the american election: a guide to the brit-perplexed This clarifies a few things. It’s nice to have a fellow ex-pat explaining these things to me.

» They’re Made Out Of Meat Just reading this little story again after being reminded of it. There was a theatrical adaptation – that would have been fun.

» A declaration – draft 1 » Drink-soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR A nice statement to be printed and framed and gifted to those most deserving.

Recent Links, 20080922

» Japanese custom scooters ::: Pink Tentacle Amazing outlandish Japanese custom scooters.

» Heroes Cooking up a storm | The Sun As part of their “Go Green” week, The Sun says there is apparently a “fight against climate change alarmists”.

» Bad Science » Don’t let the facts spoil a good story Climate scientist has his work “grossly and crassly” distorted by the UK press, after cherrypicking just the bits they want. This is why people still think climate change isn’t man-made.

» What BERR want from Phorm – and what ORG think they’re missing Phorm is a targeted system of web advertising which has caused all sorts of hiccups just because of the simple honest desire to bombard website visitors with tailored ads. ORG have stuff to say. Go ORG.

» Sur le tracteur de mon papa. on Flickr – Photo Sharing! The title makes it.

» EFF Sues NSA, President Bush, and VP Cheney to Stop Illegal Surveillance Go Electronic Frontier Foundation! This sort of thing is why I’m a tshirt-wearing member of this noble organization.

» Unsupported Browser | BillShrink Oh, GROW UP. I use Firefox at home, OK? At work I’m stuck. Most major Web 2.0 sites work with IE6. Why can’t you? Laziness, that’s why.

» Yes on 1A – Californians for High Speed Trains Campaign to support the adoption of Proposition 1A in the November Ballot here in California.

Links Of The Day, 20080918

» New Hitchhiker’s author announced What? Why? And the Artemis Fowl bloke? At least it’s not Terry F**KING Pratchett.

» public.resource.org – gpo.gov This non-profit is buying the US Code of Federal Regulations and making it open-source (which it already should be). Would literally make my job easier.

» The Asylum This is great. These guys make clear ripoffs of big movies. Straight to DVD, low budget, can’ be all that good. But the combinations of influences are quite ingenious. E.g. ‘Death Racers’ is ‘Death Race’ but with the ‘Speed Racers’ logo! Lots of weasel words like “based on the story that inspired ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark'”.

» Snickers the Adoptable Puppy | Daily Puppy Nice idea. I look at the cute puppies most days, and now they are have a featured adoptable puppy. I enjoy the OTT comments – “OMG he’s sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! 100 million billion biscuits!!!”

Links Of The Day 20080917

» Ubuntu Eee Ubuntu Netbook Remix for the Asus EeePC. I might give this a go. I wonder if it replaces the reset partition?

» Metropolis Mag on the possibility of a Maglev train LA-Las Vegas This maglev thing still keeps cropping up. Hasn’t worked on a large scale anywhere. Even moving block signalling (such as ERTMS Level 3) hasn’t worked on a large scale anywhere. California High Speed Rail needs proven technology, not high-risk experiments. Vote Yes on Prop 1a.

» Secret Counterfeiting Treaty Must be Made Public | Electronic Frontier … “we believe the treaty could require Internet service providers to monitor all consumers’ Internet communications, interfere with fair use of copyrighted materials, and criminalize peer-to-peer electronic file sharing. However, the full text of the treaty and other relevant documents remain secret”

» John McCain: literally antiscience “Planetariums” (sic) are “foolishness”