Dog Walker Notes

Our dog Gordon has a dog walker who comes to take him out every day. We left a notepad and pen by the door for him to leave notes when necessary, like if Gordon misbehaved (or more likely behaved) or had tummy trouble or something. He started to leave a note every day, whether there was something to report or not. We loved them, but told him it wasn’t necessary. The notes still appear, and they always make us smile.

The notes I post here aren’t necessarily in the order they are written, due to the uncertainties of notepad page order, photographing them, organizing, posting and so on. There isn’t much of an overarching narrative. It’s like Seinfeld, you can just dip in.

If you’re looking for a dog walker in the East Bay, who’s friendly, reliable, flexible, takes full advantage of the fantastic hiking trails in the area, and has a natural affinity with dogs, check out Drake Theroux at Real Dog Adventures. Here’s his Yelp reviews – five stars as of writing this.

Here are the notes:

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